At C.Conde & Associates we provide professional legal counseling to our clients “debtors” such as:

  • Strategies to achieve the rehabilitation of a business (turnaround)
  • Alternatives available for reorganizing a business inside, and outside Bankruptcy Court.
  • Guides to choose the appropriate reorganizing mechanism.
  • Considerations a debtor must have at the time of deciding whether to rehabilitating or iquidating a business.
  • Mechanisms available under state and federal law to reorganize a business.
  • Strategies to make the reorganization a successful one.

Some of our clients are in the fields of:

  • HMO’s
  • Real Estate
  • Marble Industries
  • Telecommunications
  • Asphalt Aggregates
  • Air Lines
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Natural Gas & Petroleum
  • Construction Companies