At C.Conde & Associates we provide professional legal counseling to our clients “creditors” such as:

  • Considerations a business person must have when establishing a business relationship in order to protect his/her rights.
  • Strategies to follow during a business relationship to avoid having the client not fulfilling his obligations.
  • Mechanisms available under state law to collect unpaid dues.
  • Considerations prior to establishing a collection action.
  • Mechanisms available under federal bankruptcy law to protect your credit when a client or debtor is insolvent (involuntary bankruptcy).
  • Tools under state and federal law to protect your business against fraudulent actions by the debtor and preferential treatment against some creditors.
  • Analysis of rights of the creditor when the debtor files bankruptcy and mechanisms available to enforce those rights.
  • Strategies a creditor must follow when providing credit to a debtor in a bankruptcy procedure to protect the post-petition credit.

Some of our clients are in the fields of:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Natural Gas & Petroleum
  • Health Medical Organizations (HMO’s)
  • International Chain Stores
  • Air Lines
  • Auto Industries
  • Insurance companies
  • Construction